Who Attended the StartUp Toronto Summer Bash?

Who Attended the StartUp Toronto Summer Bash?

By Chuck Black

There was only room for four hundred people at the August 9th, 2016 StartUp Toronto Summer Bash, which was held at the Marché Mövenpick in downtown Toronto to celebrate the growth of the Start-up Toronto’s Meetup group to 2500 members.

Here are a few of the more memorable attendees.

Michell&HannsMichelle Kostiuk and Hans Schnell are from Shoppspace, a group of likeminded entrepreneurs shaking the foundation of co-working in Toronto, at least according to their instagram page.

To learn more, or to check out their co-working space, go to http://www.shopp.space.




congwangCong Wang is an innovation consultant, entrepreneur and project manager who currently make Kitchener/ Waterloo his home, which makes for quite the commute from downtown Toronto.

His resume currently lists three hats as the innovation consultant & president of Synchronous Incubation and Development Labs, the co-founder & CTO of Verse Software Lab Inc. and the director/ senior technical advisor at INVUZE™ Digital Media Solutions, Inc.


VerkspaceEdward Wensing and Logan Prong are co-founders of Verkspace, a Toronto based co-location facility which takes inspiration from the Scandinavian way of life, balancing hard work with passion, a sense of community, and a connection to the environment.

The name derives from the old Norse term Verk, which is a space to get work done and make things happen.



svetlanaSvetlana Ratnikova, the chief operating officer for leadership development at the RTG Group, and Margo Langford, a partner at First Stone Venture Partners, each perform different roles to support Canadian start-ups.

Svetlana is part of a team of marketing and creative strategists who help entrepreneurs, companies and nonprofits “create a better world through business.”

Margo is part of a venture partnership which plans on raising $5M to make 25 investments in new start-ups over the next three years.


fitknowtsTessa Thomas is the founder of @FITKNOWTS, which provides five page summaries of the best health and fitness books.

According to Thomas,” Books are long. No one has time to read a stack of books each month in search of a few golden nuggets of health and fitness wisdom. ”

Her company is addressing that issue.




ArashArash Alboraz is the CEO of the ARPA Group.

He’s currently working on an innovative application, wrapped around elements of gamification theory, which allows for new forms of interaction, including online reviews (but only if you’re in the store) and discounts from retail outlets, to their prospects and customers.




askcallumAsk Callum Hewitt where he was a month ago and he will tell you that he was working at his old job as a talent manager at Venatrix in the UK, where he was recruiting graduate sales talent for the UK’s hottest disruptive tech companies.

He’s currently just relocated to Toronto, where he plans to perform much the same role, once he settles in (and gets used to the humidity).


For those who missed the last event, upcoming StartUp Toronto events include a Business Plan Workshop Aug 30, Startup Drinks Sept 13, Marketing Plan Workshop Sept 27, and on Sept 21 will be at the Fundica Roadshow Finale in Waterloo, which will be held at the Accelerator Centre located at 295 Hagey Blvd, 1st floor, Waterloo, Ontario, on Wednesday, September 21st.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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