How Startup Toronto Social Media Following Exploded

Startup Toronto Started using Twitter in Feb 2015 a year later in Feb 2016 Startup Toronto had 660 twitter followers. We had 660 followers for a year on Twitter, does that seem like we were connecting with our audience? Was the work we were doing with social media worth it? Well not if were getting these results. We wanted to grow our social media presence to spread the word about all the great things going on the Startup Ecosystem in Toronto. How do we change that? We needed help.

In late Feb 2016 we started to work with TwitStart Social Media Management platform and that’s when everything changed. TwitStart came in and did an audit

The team has been amazing at managing our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Their expertise never fails to amaze me. It has been a great pleasure working with TwitStart social media management program and the results have been phenomenal.

We have gone from 660 followers to 16.3K followers in one year!

Their techniques of organic growth targeting active and engaging followers, combined with their expertise with all things social has skyrocketed us to have an incredibly audience that continues to grow every day and drive traffic to our website, event pages, and partner sites. This has also translated to huge jump in our mailing list and active members of Startup Toronto.

TwitStart engages real followers not fake accounts

Startup Toronto has 97% real followers

I recommend TwitStart managed social media services to anyone who is trying to grow a social media following but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it right.

If you have been working on Twitter and not getting the results you want give TwitStart a try and watch your social media grow like never before.

Super charge your social media growth with TwitStart Managed Social Media services!

 Startup Toronto is proud to have TwitStart and their amazing team as a partner!

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