Startup Talk Episode 1: The #1 Rule of Networking

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We speak to the fabulous Bobby Umar talks about how he became a 4x TedX speaker, how he became a social media influencer with over 377K followers on twitter, and the number one rule of networking. We discuss tools, resources, and community and we even talk about what he loves about Toronto

We talk to Mike Lee President of Fundica about funding tools
Discover Your Personal Brand Conference Aug 12 – 13 WWW.DYPB.CA
We discuss how the Fireside Conference was created with founder Daniel Levine and what you can expect at the event in September

Winners of Startup Toronto Perfect Your Own Pitch Competition Toronto Startup Fiix tells us how they are disrupting the car repair industry

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One Comment on ““Startup Talk Episode 1: The #1 Rule of Networking”

  1. Paul Thomas

    I really appreciate the tips to networking. As much as social media and digital continue to grow it will never exceed the value of face to face meetings and connecting with real people.

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