Startup Talk Episode 5: Starting a Movement

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On Episode 5 of Startup Talk on this epIsode I talk with Emily Rose Antflick the founder of SheCoSystem about taking the leap from her day job to starting a community women’s coworking space and wellness centre, I also meet with Lyndon Johnson from the about PR and marketing challenges of startups and his lean canvas approach to marketing & PR. 

Emily Rose Antflick founder of Shecosystem

Emily and I talk about leaving her day job to start a community, coworking space and wellness centre. Making self-care part of your business strategy

Lyndon Johnson founder of

Lyndon and I discuss marketing and PR, going from corporate to supporting startups, moving to Canada and how he took the lean canvas process and created a set of marketing and PR canvas

Marketing & PR Canvas from


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2 Comments on “Startup Talk Episode 5: Starting a Movement”

  1. Colin Weston

    Hi Craig,

    I just finished listening to your Episode 5 and really like what I hear. Like you, I’m also involved in the Startup Canada Community and we actually have quite a bit in common. I’m a regular participant on #startupchats and have come to know Edwin, Lydon and others quite well.

    I’ve connected with Victoria and Renee about creating a Startup Vancouver community, with the plan to explore the possibilities next week once they come up for air after tonight’s awards ceremony. I’d love to chat with you about lessons learned/suggestions based on your Startup Canada experience. I’m also developing a podcast for the “future of golf” community we’ve been building for the past three years, so I could certainly benefit from your podcast tips as well.

    All the best,
    Colin Weston
    Partner and co-founder, REVIVER Sport+Entertainment

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